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  At Root 22 we will create a conscious community. We will provide more than a service supplying products as we know it is essential to understand the process of the products we eat and drink regularly, from seed to consumption and the damaging effects that these procedures are having on many levels.


Through 2019 we will be introducing a variety of products, recipes, growing techniques and cooking classes. We will be returning to nature and organic plant based diets using only compostable packaging and no plastic as it is evident that current conventional farming, animal agriculture, and packaging methods are not sustainable to our health or the environment. With truth in our hearts and good intentions together we can make a big difference through small changes.  



  We will introduce many products from Gluten free breads, granola, immune boosting juices to nut butters, milks, cakes and plenty more! All of these items will be made using our organic ingredients so we will be sharing the recipes and providing ingredients for those who wish to make them at home. Plant based recipe prep boxes will be introduced to help those who struggle with ideas. Put this with our free delivery service we really can simplify life for you through a variety of offers, we will do all the thinking and shopping while managing portion sizes to meet your household. Helpful and convenient but we don’t want to stop there, we want to spread awareness as much as possible. We believe in bringing a real conscious customer experience to life. Using our access to multiple allotments we will be posting videos with tips and tutorials on growing your own food using organic growing techniques. By winter 2019 we will be offering cooking classes at least one night a week, whether you are skilled in the kitchen or have little or no experience we will be offering guidance and new ideas so there will be something there for everybody.

I hope you will support us on our journey and we can come together to create a better home for our children and the future. 

Peace. Love. Unity. Live forever.

Free Delivery


We deliver with no extra charge throughout Merseyside. Minimum order is £25 and we offer a variety of boxes and products with plenty more coming soon. 


We want to give a little bit back to our most loyal customers so for those who order on a weekly basis we have decided to introduce our new monthly loyalty bonus.

To qualify all you have to do is order the first week of the month.  You are then entitled to 10% off the second consecutive week, 15% off the third consecutive week and 20% off the fourth consecutive week.


There is no contract or subscription between us. We want our service to you to be as flexible as possible therefore we don't require any bank details, we accept cash upon delivery or bank transfer.


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We will email a short form within 24hrs. If you could complete and return this to make us aware of your household preferences and any allergies we need to be aware of.

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